When my mentorship began, self-care was a challenge for me. I never made myself a priority. Now I have the joy of taking care of me. I am telling my body, "I love you. You are precious." I rubbed a coffee coconut scrub on my belly today. For the first time in 25 years, I saw the beauty in those scars. Those scars represent the love of my heart, my son. I'm filling all the cracks with gold and it's an amazing thing to experience. Thank you, Maria. You are the kindling to my fire.

Kelly Workman, Business Owner



Ariana photo.jpg

Maria is a badass trauma specialist, half goofy badass and half big ol' softie. She is someone I can relate to. She can sandwich a kick in the butt, with a big hug, and a good laugh, all in one. I am so grateful that this woman exists.  Her guidance in transforming my wounds to serve ME has been immeasurable. Her authenticity has made all the difference in my ability to let my guard down and make the most of my healing.

Ariana Mahoney, Business Owner


I thought I had my shit together. I read all the self-help books. I'm a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and I did energy work regularly. I constantly sought healing from the outside. Three years ago it started to crumble. One day I happened upon this powerhouse in a single session and she blew me away. She invited me to begin the mentorship and my ego said, "No, that's crazy. Do not let anyone in! What will she think?!" But I signed up anyway. Now my heart & soul are coming back to life. I'm utterly freaking out but it feels so good to feel this excited about ME again. 

Mary Rivera-Brotinsky, Program Manager


I have gained permission to go deeper. A safe space. A refuge to sink into when I think no one else cares about the deep trauma of this life. A hand to hold. I have learned that it is ok (and necessary), to talk about the things I think are dumb or silly or just not acceptable to talk about in therapy. I found out I'm a powerful empath and a damn good writer.

Aleta Daniels, Program Manager & Writer 


I wasn't really sure what I was looking to get out of connecting with Maria. I knew in my heart of hearts that now was the time and she was someone that I needed to meet with. She made it possible for me to fall in love with myself all over again.  She made me find the true essence of myself. She is my empowerment doula. Thank you Maria for making me see pink and find my inner sparkle again! I love you!

Lacey Nedjelski, Mother of 5, Doula & Sacred Group Facilitator


I witnessed the Divine move through her to touch a place in me that Maria couldn't have known about. I felt holy hands reach into the darkest corner where I stored myself away years ago. She cupped a dirty, tear stained, forgotten face in her hands & lifted it towards the light. That precious soul is resting peacefully in my heart tonight. She needs rest. Safe rest. When she's ready, I will give her a voice. When she's ready.

Misty Mills, Program Manager & Musician



Moni Huber.jpg

You made me feel precious and bright Maria. Through you it was the very first time I had the courage to talk to my father and share how it was for me as a child. This was one of the missing puzzle pieces and we have found more. My truth shines again. I am often like an anxious little bird now I know I am more: I am brave and bright. After my work wth you a kind of freedom knocked on my heart and was asking for joy. I gave her joy and danced around my kitchen. Thank your for making me feel my light, for giving me the power to live my OWN life. For making me dance and shout and for muddling up all the heavy stuff. It was truly liberating. I am so pumped!

Moni Huber, Model & Artist