About Maria

I teach women how to leave a legacy by not getting caught in the drama.

What it looks like:

Rocking body love + power.

How I do it:

Through my 1:1 work.

This is for:

The woman who is ready to shine.

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What people are saying:

“I am a new person and have so much more energy!

"Where did you come from?!” 

“I have only been in the mentorship for what, like 2 weeks? I can’t believe all the incredible things I made happen! I’m on fire!”

“I thought something was wrong with me! Now I know I'm not alone."

"I can’t thank you enough for helping me see how powerful I am.”


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I can give you what you need so you know you have what it takes. 

"It" being world saving, of course.


Hey, I'm Maria Palumbo.  Teaching women how to focus on their legacy while forgetting the rest, is kinda my thing. 

Women find me when they wake up to the fact that they deserve more. More joy, laughter, health. More freedom to do what brings them delicious goosebumps and makes their hips shimmy big.  Together, we create a new way of being. Thriving not just surviving. Creating. Holding the power when historically it was hard to find. 

You get what you need to shine bright without apology. 

I have 10+ years in mental health, rocking my own healing, and standing by brave ones as they heal. With a strong foundation in psychotherapy, trauma healing, and integrative health, I bring every tool I've tested and studied that really works. I've worked with people who have never taken time to work on themselves and those who are veterans when it comes to healing. I've helped people get out of bed, get jobs, start lives. I've helped others get published, lose weight, begin thriving businesses. 

I believe that all of us can have it ALL and just need cheerleading to get us present to our strengths. 

When I'm not in session, or posting pictures of my nieces on Facebook, I'm writing. I'm beginning the book about my crawl from the dark into the light, while pouring weekly tips on owning your power, in my weekly newsletters.

My areas of expertise

Body acceptance

Freedom from disordered eating

Transforming wounds from trauma to places of power

Radically healing anxiety & depression

Breakthroughs in a very short period of time

Teaching empaths to say "no" + get their needs met

Cheerleading + manifestation for the woman up to big things

Teaching you how to attract true love


That's the skinny on my professional life.


Want to know more? 

1.  I am obsessed with chocolate & peanut butter.

2. I am a hippie over-achiever. What this means is that one moment I will dance by candlelight and the next moment I will be speaking to a college class about the skill of healing. 

3. I radically healed the deepest depression of my life at age 18 by changing my lifestyle. I believe that depression and anxiety can occur, but they don't have get in the way of life.

4. I love to travel, I worked in a special education school in Guatemala and stayed in my grandmother's home town Paleros, Greece. My most recent trip was to Hawaii with my husband.

5. I love to act though only auditioned for one play on a lark. I got the lead part even after I fell tripped off the stage during the audition. I played "Abigail" of The Crucible.

6. When I was a teenager I performed hip hop on the early morning TV show, "Good Day Philadelphia." 

7. I love to read. I'm currently obsessed with Mary Wollstonecraft's The Vindication of The Rights of Women. The book that saved my life was, Love Poems From God translated by Daniel Ladinsky. 

8. I am a Master of Social Work, yoga and Reiki II certified.

9. I started a body love movement and hosted our first event last summer. I watched in total awe as women celebrated their bodies with nothing held back!

10. In college I was awarded the Clinton Global Initiative scholarship and studied about international leadership with young world leaders. 

Bonus fact: I never thought I would be anything. I hated my body, overate.  I was treated like I was a broken vessel with nothing to add to the world.  I was on the brink of my sanity wanting to take my life when I woke up to the fact that I needed to SAVE my life and then go and help other women who almost lost sight of their beauty and help them save their own lives, too. And that's what I do today. I'm living proof that you can do whatever you want and make a lasting impact on the world no matter what you've been through. Actually BECAUSE of what you've been through. 



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