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My name is Maria Palumbo.  I am a fierce protecter of the feminine making space for women to fall in deep love with who they are. I am a trauma specialist. I uncover and release years of old wounds. I use my own dance in the dark as fuel for my work.

I used to walk with my shoulders caved. I had an eating disorder and tons of fear over being seen.  Inappropriate sexual touch robbed me of my peace and for a long time I forgot my skin was Holy. On the brink of my sanity, planning my death, I felt a whisper in my heart.

" You are meant to be here. "

That began my fight back.  

I learned to thrive, not just survive. I heeded a deep call on my soul to pass on what I gained from my crawl out of the dark.

I started with words.

I founded and mass produced a women's literary journal, HerStory.  I was nationally recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative, awarded, and trained on how to create a world changing organization. I worked nights on a suicide prevention hotline, talking people back from the edge. 

I gravitated towards healing of the mind.  

I received specialized training and conducted research in the arena of mindfulness meditation, integrative health, movement therapy and trauma recovery.  Ready to serve through psychotherapy, I graduated with a Master's in Social Work and earned my License in Social Work. I dove deep into mental health. Watching people let their true selves emerge made me hungry to teach embodiment: not just talking the talk but walking the walk. I got my yoga teacher certification (R-YT 200) and my Reiki II certification. I wove together dance, aromatherapy, meditation, psychotherapy, and complete joy into my sessions with adults who have severe persistent mental illness.

I served with my whole heart:

Children and teens experiencing emotional disturbance

Those incarcerated due to attempted murder

People struggling with addiction

Men and women who faced near death experiences

Survivors of severe physical, emotional, and sexual pain

Survivors of attempted suicide


Every single person I served gave me a world of compassion and understanding that I cannot put into words. 

They also brought me to realizing my greatest joy and purpose: serving the woman who desires to claim her body, mind, and soul, for herself.

Who dares to live outside of fear and shame, and claim the joy in her body that is RIGHTFULLY hers.

This led me to begin my work where I do just that.

Every day I wake up and bear witness to a beautiful soul as she uncovers just how beautiful she truly is.


I belong to you, the one who is ready to find her irresistible glow. You will learn soul soothing techniques which will connect you to your physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health.  With lots of laughter, some tears, and a healthy amount of booty shaking for good measure.  



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