Witnessing Girls Step Into Their Power

Over the next few months I am teaching a class of 13 and 14 year old girls about empowerment. Sunday was our first class and these girls melted my heart. They tap into Source so easily. So free and real.

First we grounded ourselves and they took big deep breaths effortlessly. 
I taught them about God being alive in them and the way to access their power was to protect and cultivate the God within.

We spoke about respecting their bodily space and only allowing people they trust close to their bodies. I asked them, "How many have an Aunt Ethel that slobbers on your cheek and gets too close?" Everyone raised their hands. I explained that the world is not their annoying aunt, we don't have to let everyone in.

We did an exercise with partners and one partner said "go" inviting their partner to walk towards them. Then she said "stop" when their partner was close enough. I asked each girl to tap into how her body felt in this space, how they knew the person was close enough. Many girls said they felt peace in their bodies and not the "weird feeling when someone is too close." I taught them to always trust their gut feeling no matter what. That their bodies are a temple and deserve to feel safe.

One girl screamed "Stop!" in her partners face at one point. We made space for that feeling that came up. She explained that she's "just strong" and we practiced our aggressive face and energy verses being in our power. We also practiced saying no with no smiling until they believed their "no" and felt it in their bodies.

So beautiful to witness.

What did you wish you knew as a 13 year old about your worth, your body, your soul? What would have helped you in the long run? I would love to know as I plan my curriculum.



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