Look For Preciousness Underneath

Being alone in public makes me more aware of my many judgements. The person next to me speaking on their iPhone on speaker detailing out what she ate at a restaurant last night, the rage that hits me when someone disturbs this quiet and peace.

"How dare she ruin this moment? I am drinking a smoothie here!"

Then I listen to the conversation and can tell she is lonely and the man that shes speaking to calls her sweetheart and is so patient with her, so loving.

Him: "Oh really that sounds delicious. Did you finish it?

Her: "Of course I did. Let me tell you about desert."

And as I ask my rage to melt so I can see her I begin to realize she might have just lost someone, she is grasping for a hand to hold in each moment so she doesnt slip.

She is precious and it almost makes me cry.

I am getting that it is not so much people I hate but rather how I decide to see them.

May I be strong enough to look for their preciousness underneath and if I cant find it, may I just look harder.


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