Taking a Soul Trip

This week I am traveling to a leadership and personal growth seminar across the country. I have not traveled for long by myself since before I met my husband, 7 years ago.

Though I love being his travel partner I am craving the deep quiet of long trips alone. Where my goal is not to be there for anyone else but myself.

Where I can read, write, plan, be for hours at a time. Dreaming up best ways to be there for my clients while simultaneously being there for myself.

I love finding breakfast nooks, watching people interact, how beautiful the world can be when I give myself the gift of taking it in alone.

We need this fellow empaths: to be alone with our own soul so we can better feel our hearts and hear our thoughts.

To remember what it feels like to wake up to ourselves alone and be alive with gratitude because we get to be in our body for another day, soaking up the everyday miracles in store.

To trust our responses and reactions, without getting feedback or input from anyone else.

To get lost more in being than doing.

To explore the world cultivating an honoring relationship with the self.

Then we can trust our intuition, we can trust who we let in, for we are no longer running from ourselves but rather attracting from a place of being more than enough.

The more that we don't want to be alone, the more we need it. We are more alive for the ones we love when we crave our solitude like we do time alone with a lover. More importantly, we are more enjoyable to be alone with and getting to know ourselves is the most intoxicating romance yet.

To time alone with the most precious Lover of them all: the Soul.


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