Hello soulful entrepreneur!

Hello soulful entrepreneur!

You are hungry for success, but not as the world sees it. You want to show up boldly, vulnerably, with your full heart, mind, and soul in a way that ignites powerful change in people across the world.

You are just what this world needs and you have a magic that is all your own.

One thing you need to keep your mojo going so you don't get tired: a badass sisterhood supporting you and walking with you on this journey to bringing your legacy into the world while getting PAID, son!

Who this invitation is for:

Women who are about to embark upon a journey to get to their destination: coaching, creating, completing a book, showing up BIG in the world and laying it all out there, using their own pain and trauma and turning into deep meaning and their legacy in the world.

Powerful women who are ready to show up big for themselves and their sisters.

Not just women who YES you but women who challenge you, who help you become the best version of yourself because girl, there just ain't no time for anything else.

And this is why I am emailing you:

To invite you to our first ever soulful mastermind intro call, with women all over the world.  

Because this work is just too damn big to do alone, we need lots of powerful women keeping us motivated, cheering us on, sharing resources, clients, making this work so much sweeter because we know we are not alone in it.

Since I opened my business my soul has been nudging me to begin this membership group. I'm listening to the nudge as everyday I meet new entrepreneurs or soon to be entrepreneurs who need the love, recognition, and inspiration, to keep their fires going.

I'm hosting a call that will share just what this sisterhood will look like, what you will get from it, and deep down why it could be time for you to let yourself be carried by some fire starters and world changers, reminding you that you are ALL these things and you have ALL THAT YOU NEED to create lasting change in the world, even when you want to quit (especially than).

When: This Wed. August 16th, 4pm EST

RSVP: If you haven't RSVP'd already, RSVP here:


On our call: There will be a time for chatting and for you to be seen on video, but most of the call you will get to lean back and be carried for a bit, listening to and learning some tips and getting hugged soulfully, because babe, you are doing BIG work in the world are about too, and you deserve a space where you can get fed to make sure you don't chicken out and you follow through with that power that is alive in you.

Questions, thoughts, email me anytime.

Loving you brave,