You Deserve Joy

Joy is our innate birthright.

Joy in our bodies.

Joy in our sex.

Joy in our love.

Joy in our relationships.

Joy in our sacred work.

Joy in our passions.

There might be rules about "joy," but they simply don't pertain to us.

The rule that you can be THIS happy but not TOO happy.

That we can be free but not TOO free.

Any sourpuss frowning, asking you to hide your joy away, has no power when you remember who you are:

one badass mamjama ready to PARTY.

To living our lives like one big cosmic party, bringing everything we want, need, and desire, just in the best possible moment.

Rock out with us at our 2nd BodyLove Goddess Photoshoot & Retreat October 6th.  All the juicy detailsRSVP up in here.