Special Performance Of Burlesque

I do not own the rights to this song. Song is called "Gold" by Kiiara

My most recent burlesque class performance, by Ginger Leigh with Julissa! Simply felt so delicious!

She said I should have known better. 

That my 16 year old brain and body were broken, because I fell in love with the youth pastor of my church. 

She looked at me like my beauty was a weapon.

She taught me immediately that women can't support eachother ESPECIALLY when we are beautiful. 

It took me years to know that my sexual aliveness, my beauty, the health of my body and soul, were some of my greatest gifts and NOT something to be ashamed of, not reasons for women to hate me. And I remember this most clearly when I'm dancing burlesque. 

As women, we hear these messages all the time. 

We are told stories about our sensuality, our sexuality, our bodies. Taught to hide and live in fear of our natural charisma. 

We can lose our erotic innocence, that light in our eyes, simply to fit in and keep others comfortable.

No longer will we forget that every hip roll of our luscious bodies is nothing less than a miracle. 

A reclamation of pieces of our soul that went missing.

No one can convince us otherwise: our bodies are holy and moving them with fierce aliveness is a homecoming. 

To our homecoming.

Invitation: I'll be speaking on reclaiming the feminine divine sexuality in our Facebook group, BodyLove Goddess with Maria Palumbo. Details coming soon. You will not want to miss this sauciness babe.

Enjoy the most recent performance in class by Ginger Leigh of Philadelphia Burlesque School, love! It is attached :-)

                                                             Love, love, love!