You Know The Moment You Realize You Love Someone?

You know the moment you realize you love someone?

It catches you, this feeling, like a child's hand catches a butterfly. 

It's soft, and slow, and you know you can't fight it.

It's just too beautiful.

Maybe the way this person says a word, the way they laugh, the way they pause waiting for your response before they continue.

Maybe it's the way they talk to their plants, or they tell you they love to take outdoor showers. 

Maybe it's a romantic type of love. Maybe it's platonic. Maybe it's a combination of both.

All you know is that you're getting the gift of being in the presence of someone and for a moment, you get how sacred relationship is.

How rich it is knowing someone else and being known.

This is what each newsletter will bring you from now on:

I want you to fall in love with you, right now, just a bit more, each time you open up your email and read my words.

I want you to get the holiness of your movement, your breath, your stillness, your fight, your release. How it all is right now.

I want you to give me the gift of nourishing your precious heart.

It's not easy for a warrior like you to ask for help, and lean on someone else.

Believe me, I know.

A few weeks back I hit such a deep depression, I questioned my existence and my reason for being on this earth.

I had got lost in the DOING that I forgot the LEANING. The letting myself be loved, helped, seen, taken care of.

I got my butt back into therapy & out into the community.

I started opening my heart again and even deeper. I let myself RECEIVE.

I found out I was holding onto some grief and was closing off my heart to getting help and being seen, but thank my soul, realized it was time to make a change.

How do we fall in love with ourselves, even in the midst of our loneliest moments?

The truth is, it's impossible without someone bearing loving witness, because sometimes, we all forget what it looks like to love ourselves and we need a gentle reminder.

I'm honored to be that reminder for you babe.

For a moment today may you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, feel the softness of your hands, feel the glimmer of moonlight in your laugh, and may you fall in love, just a bit more.