A Feminist Love Letter

My newest article in Rebelle coming at you first!

It was inspired by love.

I love to feel love, I loved to be loved, I love to want love.

I love in body, soul, and mind.

I've been letting that love fire wake me up and listening to it and what it wants.  

It wants me to dance, it wants me to play, it wants me to make out, it wants me to feel desire without blowing it out.

Our wild love as women is not tame, it's not meant to be kept safe or told what to do.

It's meant to shine free.

This love letter is to honor the wild divine within you, she's one powerful sexy thang<3

A Feminist Love Letter

I never needed you.

I never awoke in the middle of the night reaching for you.

The only flesh I reach for is my own and the bones I crave are the ones underneath my skin standing upright and strong.

I never waited for you.

I have walked to your door and then turned around and found my way home. Just because I like to walk in the quiet of the night.

I do not ask you to compromise, hold back, be nice.

I do not ask you to make me feel special.

I want you to hold me to the fire.

Let it awaken in your eyes and burn me with every touch.

I will not melt.

I will dance naked around this fire and hold you to my skin, when the wind blows just right.

Do not ask me to be nice and quiet.

As if it is my duty to be childlike and kind.

I trace the stars with my fingers and feel the sky between my thighs.

When I am close, I do not pur. I moan.

Crave it but know that it’s your job alone to make you alive.

Want me with the innocence of your childhood.

How you ran to your favorite tree to climb when you were lonely. Climb here and stay all day.

Want me like your birthday presents. Discover new ways to unwrap me.

Want me with the hunger of a soldier home from war. Kissing every inch of my earth remembering just what you’ve been fighting for.

Crave me like you crave apple pie in the summer.  Devour every inch.

Feel me as if you went blind, as if my lips are the first ones you’ve tried.

Taste me like the ancient spices of a secret religion.  Where desire is holy and drank like wine.

Know me but don’t try to predict me or tell me where to go. I am ever changing and dancing like the flecks of sunshine on the sea.

Do not try to impress me with lies of normalcy. I have no time to waste.

I am not interested in the mundane details of your life, or where you’ve been or where you are going.

I want only to know what keeps you achingly alive. What you yearn for.

I want to know you could be anywhere else and you choose to be undone with me now.

Not that you want me so much that you could die, but you want me so much that you live.

And when I’m tired, take my arm in the park, like we’ve aged 40 years.

Crave me until you don’t.

And then release me.

I'd rather you be happy.

Than good.