Getting Down On Facebook Live

Hi gorgeous!

Oh it was so nice getting to know you on our LIVE call yesterday! Many of you sent me personal messages letting me know how grateful you are for this challenge. You are the BEE'S KNEES.

Today we are getting toasty around the camp fire of LOVE.  

We are talking about why being particular about the people you love and who you let love you is just HUGE in combating depression & living a life that makes you go: "heck yes" instead of "awww hell nah!"

It can be HARD letting go of people we want to love us, but it feels DELICIOUS like jumping into a heated pool, when we stop chasing what doesn't work & we let in all the juicy kindness! 

Bring your questions, thoughts, ideas.

The Why Behind The Facebook Live:

This is for the woman who could use some coaching & isn't sure where to begin with all of the options out there. The woman who knows she was put on this earth for a big reason and deserves some love to find out what that reason is.

I will give you clarity and fuel for your awesome journey to YOU & reveal some practical tips to get you bootay shaking ready to create the life you DESERVE.

12pm EST up in here: