This Light Of Mine

Hey woman. I'm a bit late this week because beautiful things have been happening.
I hired an incredible team of brilliant ones to help me reach more people and make this work even more effective. 
I also was a featured speaker in a social work undergraduate class.  It was absolutely fantastic getting to connect to and inspire young brilliant adults. Letting them know they can do and create anything. They can have a business just like me and go on to create a lasting legacy in the world through their work.
When I looked in their eyes I got this pull on my heart to begin to tell more of the story of what brought me to this profession. How I overcame trauma and went on to rock freedom and my power like nobody's business. I realized then that I need to tell this story so women like me, who have been through hell, know that they can keep going. Even more so, they can change the WORLD despite of it!
My recent article in Rebelle Society speaks to survival, resiliency, and shining bright.  This one is for you: fellow creators, girlbosses, world changers. You can do anything.

Read the article here.