The Risk of Claiming Your Beauty

You shining your beauty in mind, body, and soul ignites a flame in other women encouraging all of us to be in our skin right now, without apology.

You feel alive, whole, divine, in a t-shirt, in the nude, in a gown. 

You take pride in what you wear and love to put on clothes that make you feel good and have fun, no more rules.

You smile at strangers simply because you feel so delicious in your skin. 

You eat what tastes good and makes you feel good, and spend the majority of your energy in creation not worried about your weight.

You find yourself singing for no reason, laughing, falling to your knees and feeling the earth because you're not fighting yourself anymore, you're letting life in.

You nourish your body and remember to return to treating it gently when you get tired and sick.

You only let royalty come near your skin and those that touch you have your deepest respect and treat you with the utmost kindness.

You squeeze and swoon over your breasts, your thighs, every delicious curve. You worship it all.

When you exercise it feels delightful as you know exactly what your body can handle and you never push her too hard. 

You crave movement like you crave sunshine and water.  You let your body move and play every day knowing your body is yours totally.

Shine on bright goddess.

Wear what you want, eat what you like, adorn your body in what feels really delicious and remember that you are a goddess.


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