Rules For Talking About The Body

Something I shared on Facebook resonated with you.

The post:

Why is it when an overweight woman shows off her skin, she's called, "brave," and when a thin woman does the same, she is called, "narcissistic?"

What if it is neither narcissistic nor brave.

What if it's just her birthright to be in her skin without apology.

What then?

Those simple words have created a flood of love, strength, of gratitude from so many friends. 

And this is why:

We get to say how our bodies are talked about.
We get to determine what we let in as truth and what we let go.
We get to decide who can say what to us, and we get to stand up for ourselves.

We no longer have to worry if we are too "proud" or "fat" or "skinny." We get to just be here without trying to hide it.

What a holy gorgeous relief! We let out our stomachs, shake our butts with joy, and say "HELL YES" to wearing what we want to wear, when we want to wear it.

You are not narcissistic nor are you brave.

You are YOU. 

And I love that about you.

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