The Best Butt Kicking of My Life

So apparently I was a royal ass.

Okay I wasn't Trump, but, I was pretty close.

I operated from a lot of ego, anger, hurt, projection, fear, and other small minded stuff without realizing it.

I LOVED telling my stories about pain and suffering, because I LIKED it when I felt like people felt bad for me or when I got attention.

I found out that I was operating from a deep sense of shittiness when I decided to attend the life changing self-development seminars that began with the Landmark Forum.

I stood up infront of around 80 people and shared my story on the mic as the man who changed my life proceeded to explain to me that I had the biggest ego he had ever seen.

I whined, got angry with him. I did everything I could to prove HIM WRONG because me? EGOOOO??! Oh of course not I would NEVER have an ego!!!

He was able to explain to me that I was so eager to blame other people for MY feelings and also that I had been keeping my husband small, feeding into his problems instead of demanding his greatness.

I cried like a baby because no one was able to treat me like a woman like that before. No one was able to stand up to me and make it clear to me the drama I was living in. And mind you: I had YEARS of therapy underneath my belt, books, courses, and knew my issues like the back of my hand.

Not until I worked with Larry Pearson of the Advanced Landmark Forum, did I finally get that I really had the FREEDOM to create the life I wanted, instead of whine over the life I did not want.

He pissed me off like no one ever has.

"Are you going to whine about this? Make it every one else's fault? You cut people off and start talking and you act like everyone needs to listen to YOU. You really need to sit down."

I went home that night and because he helped me see myself, I was able to speak to my husband with a deeper sense of power and love than I ever did before. I was able to own how I contributed to our issues, and he was SHOCKED to hear that I would ever admit to my side of things!

So here is the moral of the story:

Check out Landmark Forum.  Seriously.  If you never work with me, go to therapy, or even read a book, do Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course and even the course after that! SELP! It turned me into the woman I am today, with the amazing business I get to run, and the marriage that I love.

It taught me the skills that I believe make the biggest impact on my clients' lives.

It taught me to FORGIVE even when people say I AM WRONG. 

It taught me to speak my truth about my life not because I needed people to believe me, but because I have a reason for being on this earth and I am meant to free others with my freedom.

Honey, check out Landmark!!!! 

When I returned at the end of the seminar,  my mentor explained that now I could make one of the biggest impacts on the world becuase I got all of that other stuff out of the way that was holding me back. 

I seriously do not know ANYONE who has a relationship like I have with my husband, and I seriously attribute a lot of our success to what we both learned through Landmark (because I forced his ass to go, and he still thanks me that I did).

Plus it's so easy for me to share now, and when I do through my writing or LIVE facebook videos, it's from my heart and it truly inspires love in the hearts of others.

Landmark gave me the ability to see my assery, own it, and be a better person on the DAILY too.

Landmark is all across the world and the Nelson Mandela family and an incredible amount of the brightest most powerful leaders in our society have completed these courses.  Girl, get on it!!

Hit me with any questions I would love to talk to you more about it! ESPECIALLY if you are my mentee, there's no excuse for you not to be the highest caliber human you can be, because the world needs your special fire!!!

Landmark Forum:


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