The World Needs You

There are holy protests going down in Washington.

And though I believe it's unbelievably sexy to make a stand for something we believe in, I'm feeling hungry to make sure I'm taking care of my own shit before I tell other people how wrong they are.

It feels good to protest against THOSE ASSHOLES who did that stupid shit.

It feels good to stand and walk for something that feels bigger than us.

If we return to our houses and live the same way and do not examine our inner lives (in which have been amplified in the presidency), nothing changes.

If we do not notice how we perpetuate a sense of patriarchy, victim blaming, male worship, we're not really doing all that much.

Let's protest the shit we put ourselves through on the daily.

Let's protest that thing we said to our brother and the fact that we stopped talking to him because we didn't like what he had to say.

Let's protest our own ways of succumbing to fear so much that we forget what it feels like to feel good in our bodies.

We forgot what feeling good feels like without sex, or drugs, or doing what's right, or alcohol, or church, or being in the right political party. We forgot what feeling good looks like, just to be alive in our bodies.

Let's protest living small, safe, and secluded and blaming someone else for the shitstorm that we chose since the beginning of time.

Tell me how you're protesting your old ways and I will stand close beside you for hours on that street no matter how bitter cold it gets. No greater honor.

As quick as we are to protest the evil outside of us, let's be quick to heal the insanity within.

The world needs you whole now more than ever.


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