Your Branding Doesn't Matter

Here is my epiphany on branding and marketing that recently resonated with a lot of brilliant women I know and I want it to share it with you, my main squeeze!

It doesn't matter.

Branding doesn't matter as much as how you make people FEEL.

You can call yourself whatever you want.

The most profound leaders, healers, world changers, don't carry a tag line or a specific brand.

They are known because they rock the shit out of peoples' lives.

This epiphany was a huge load off of my shoulders because I realized that I haven't chosen a specific thing that I want to be known for: a category, niche. Nor a title that I'm married to.

I fucking rock at healing trauma, sex abuse, decreasing anxiety and depression, creating freedom and power and expression when historically there was none.

I am about POWER in every way possible and a deep sense of their power is what women get when they work with me.

I am not, "The Love Coach."

I am not, "The Lifestyle Coach."

This means that I can call myself whatever I want and remember it's what I DO and not what I say that matters. It's the energy I exude when I'm talking to someone that makes a difference and not whether or not I called myself a unicorn fairy princess coach or a wellness coach.

I am just me.

And I finally figured out today that is enough.

I am more me than ever before and my work has skyrocketed. Women are finding me not because I'm some perfect "so and so," but because they are ready to face THEMSELVES. I'm reaching more women than I ever thought possible. I'm connecting with women who are really connected to moving forward, the most inspirational people I have come across.

I am not someone that can fit into ANY BOX.

I do all the things.

I encompass an array of tools in my work, have an array of skills and experience. 

And it's all cool.

The ones who are creating a movement that impact the entire world, don't really have one area of specialty either.

Oprah Winfrey isn't famous because she stands for losing weight or she's really good at acting. She encompasses ALL of it.

Tony Robbins isn't famous because he's really good at relationship issues. He just changes your life.

So remember, if you have no clue what you do, and feel like you just don't fit into a box, you have an edge and a power to you like the elite of our society: the ones leaving a legacy that shines brightly like wild fire.

Focus more on seeing people, really seeing them, and hearing what they need. Then you can get out of the way and just create, share, and do the things that people really need and all of a sudden you're surrounded by the most incredible clients and support system.

YOU are the elite.

YOU are the world changers.

Not because you have a catchy tagline but because you care tremendously and you're making a real difference. You're creating a legacy of love, baby.

Believe nothing less. 


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