Calling In The Most Vulnerable Ones

Recently someone who is hiring me to coach them shared her perspective of me. She said, "You have more personality, soul, and sensuality in that tiny pinky finger of yours, than most have in their entire bodies. I want that."

I love that it wasn't my intelligence, image, or ego that drew this client to me. Not my level of importance. Its not because she thinks I know all the things or that I am more wise. It is because she can feel that I'm fully alive.

I've done a lot of work on myself to be fully conscious and awake. To let go of addictions like fear and self-deprecation and instead believe in my reason for being here: to be a catalyst, to watch women awaken. It is work I continue to do everyday with my coach and therapist.

I'm making space to get on calls with creative women all over the world who are hungry to awaken to their aliveness, that light that has been on the entire time and cannot be blown out by abuse, or trauma.

Women who are ready to get how incredible they are. I'm spending time hand picking a small group of women to begin my 90 Day Mentorship program. Women I feel I can truly help emerge as powerfully aware of who they are and the gifts they are bringing to the world.

Calling in the most vulnerable ones, the ones who have been through hell because you are the brightest and the world needs your light.

If you are feeling drawn to this, fill out the application.


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