What's worth something is never easy.

Can we all get real for a second and admit how much work we have to put into making it all seem easy?

I vote that every fit person post what they do on the daily to keep their ass so perky. I guarantee it's not just, "Eat healthy and exercise." It's a fucking job. Do not be fooled.

I vote that every business person in the healing industry share what it is TRULY LIKE to run your growing business. It is like caring for many children that populate like tribbles. It is the enduring of awkward conversations with loved ones who are grappling with the fact that they have to work for someone else and you don't. It takes not being taken seriously and fighting to take yourself seriously. It is enduring the drastic shift of your inner circle of friends and learning to trust that all the changes are for the best. 

I vote that every brilliant cook, writer, leader, academic, healer, speaker, mother, expert in ANYTHING say what they have to GIVE UP in order to really ROCK at their craft. It can include but not be limited to: maintaining friendships, seeing your family, eating, going to the bathroom, healthy marriage, feeling normal and that you you fit in, work/life balance, approachability, vacation, health, sleep. It takes being okay with being wildly hated/loved all in the same day, it takes having a vision and not giving up no matter how many times you are nearly bullied out of grad school and other prestigious programs. It includes a big dose of BEING TERRIFIED ON THE DAILY, as you are constantly outside of your comfort zone.

I vote that every lovey dovey couple admit to what it takes to stay that passionate about each other and healthy, even after 6 years. It's dedication baby: Lots of money and time spent on personal development, enduring not feeling as close with other people at times because your partner is your best friend, lots of admitting to where you're wrong, annoying and inconvenient deep communication, making huge mistakes and learning the art of forgiveness, devoting time to keeping all aspects of the relationship exciting, falling in love with the other's truest, healthiest, most powerful version of themselves (and never settling for anything less).

With every new accomplishment we share on social media, let's share the hard knocks we had to undertake to get here. The sweat, the tears, the blood, and not for one minute make anyone think they can just wake up and POOF, they will have what they want. It takes the energy of our entire being to manifest something incredible.

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain, he's way more interesting.

                                                                   Big Love,

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