My Thankful List 2016


I thank the darkness. For that uncomfortably close breath that breathes down my neck and makes the sunshine so unbearably beautiful.  I couldn't love as deep without you.

I thank saying "no." Saying no to being extremely busy and saying "yes" to long walks with my husband in the park and then we get to wait in the car to watch the storm come in.

I thank my 2 year old niece and how she runs up and hugs my legs when she sees me making me want to approach life just like that... "Awwww hhiiiiiiiiiaaaa!"

I thank the discomfort of meditation. That uneasy quiet that brings me home to my breath like nothing else.  You return my power to me.

I thank our growing tribe of goddesses in BodyLove Goddess Facebook group: your stories, your words, your hearts, your tears, your bodies, your humor, all of it brings me to my knees.

I thank singer/songwriters like Jonatha Brooke, Alanis Morrisette and performers like Beyonce and Lady Gaga with their prophet like understanding of the world. True needed sustenance on the daily.

I thank the warriors at Standing Rock risking their lives and being treated like dogs because they've decided that they will fight for the life they deserve.  I'm in awe of you. I will be holding my heart and loving you this Thanksgiving.

I thank my husband.  Who calls me a bitch when I need it and takes naps with me when we shouldn't, always reminding me that my life is changing the world.

I thank my sister girlbosses who I can turn to for anything, anytime.  You make this road ten times more fun.

I thank a shit ton of carbs that are going to make me very sleepy and bloated very quickly and will give me another unneeded though very loved nap with my husband.

I thank all the gods that be that I have cozy shelter, good food, and good love to call my own.

I thank my money that is growing more each day making it easier for me to serve more people in the most creative and effective ways and making my life flow.

I thank all of you reading my heart typed out on facebook or in this newsletter: knowing that my writing is resonating with your heart is a gift like none else.

I thank my clients who do the very brave work of facing their demons and loving them so they no longer are as scary or controlling but rather little dragons that breathe fire and are served milk and cookies. Lots of TLC for these babies. Your trust in who you are and who you are becoming, keeps me going.

To being thankful for all the reasons and no reason at all. 

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.” -- Deepak Chopra

May you have an enlightened disagreement at Thanksgiving or not, and may you be smile at it all appreciating it as the twisted gift it is.

Come on over to our BodyLove Goddess Facebook group and gush about the things that make your toes curl and your heart flutter! Talk soon :-) 


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