Do The Nasty

You are a fox. You are a babe fox. You are the ultimate babe fox machine.

Not just because your body is SMOKING.  Your hair is perfect for your face. Your face is PERFECT for your hair.

You got this allure. This fire.  This spicy aura about you.

This glow that begins deep within and covers you completely ESPECIALLY when you do THE NASTY.  

The Nasty: It is not sex. It's you all ROCKING YOUR NEEDS and LOVING IT.  

We call it, "The Nasty," because it is badass to put yourself first.

It is totally weird in our culture to MASTER meeting your needs and not wait for someone else to give you permission to indulge them.

To spend time really FILLING UP your well and not just throw something inside real quick as you go batshit crazy from one errand to the next.

What's criz-azy like Patrick Swayze is the moment we do an inner sexy dirty dance with our needs, we feel DELICIOUS and GORGEOUS in mind, body, and soul.  Just by giving ourselves some of that extra sweet attention. A soul wink, if you will.  

That erotic, yummy, make-your-heart-pound-energy you can have independently of EVERYONE ELSE, can only exist when you're:
relaxed + confident = meeting your needs like a fucking boss.

When you're in this oasis of being, you make it ALL sexy. The way you walk into a room you KNOW you belong in it.  You get to TAKE UP SPACE without apology or trying to squeeze everyone in there with you, for the sake of being nice. 

We will be having none of that slouching, squeezing, overly nice crap, no thank you.

I get that it can feel like a bikini wax instead of a hot bath to let yourself RELAX. If you're anything like me, with a near constant stream of ideas, thoughts, judgements, ideas, explanations, questions, and rap songs about big butts in your head:

It's just hard to quiet it all down for a sec and focus on something MINDLESS.

But my mojo goes, "Bye Bye Bye," for all things in my life:

Sex, joy, creation, love, business, ALL OF IT, when I don't take time to relax outside of the daily grind.

Not to mention I LOSE MY SEXY so fast like it's my JOB to be irritated, cold, and bloated.

That's what happens when we deny ourselves the decadence of being: feeling sexy is a FOREIGN concept.

"I'm sorry, are you speaking Greek? Have you seen my tired, overworked ass? Did you just say I can feel SEXY right now? REALLY?"



Put down the baby.
Put down the business plan.
Put down that email from your boss.
Yes put down the King Size Snickers. And give it to me.

PUT DOWN everyone else's needs, wants, questions, thoughts, ideas, SUGGESTIONS about what you need to be saying/doing/being/wearing.


Get in TOUCH with who you were....

* before you graduated college and you were doing awesome art
* before you got married and you went on adventures alone  
* before you had kids with their demanding ridiculous needs like having to EAT EVERY DAY

Do one thing every day that TURNS YOU ON.

Rev up's your engine.

Gets you all hot and bothered and remember, it does not have to do with sex. (Oh but we will definitely go there.)

I don't care if it's hate-reading trashy magazines about bad hollywood romances.

I don't care if it's watching Maury Povich and saying quite often, "OH NO SHE DIDN'T," but secretly really glad she did.

I don't care if it's standing outside in the grass even when it's cold as tits out, just so you feel alive for a hot (no freezing) second!

You don't have to travel around the world, go back to school, or do any of those big fancy things us over achievers think we need to do when we're getting in touch with ourselves again.


It's just remembering the pieces of you that seem small and ignorable yet they get you feeling that one thing that makes you irresistible:


For no good reason, even when life is shit, and hard, because guess what:

Life is shit. And it is hard.

But when we take some moments to jive with our soul, we can appreciate it again.

For life is incredible and heartachingly perfect, too.

When we take time doing the mindless fun stuff, our sexy will be there. All Like,  "Oh hey there, remember me?" 

Oh yes, SHE BE BACK.

And she's more gorgeous and irresistible than ever.

What does being saucy and sexy even MEAN? What does it look like, for real? Let's go there next time. 

Until then, keep it nasty.


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