This Is What It Looks Like To Heal


There is something about trauma that wipes the brain of memories. So much so that even parts of yourself go with it: your sense of joy, your sense of having a worthy body, the fact that you feel like a person at all.

For years I hated pictures of myself. I picked apart each body part, avoided the mirror, spent hours pinching and slapping my thighs and hips hoping they would be different.

I avoided dresses and really anything that made me feel delicious for being delicious was my sin I was told and the repercussion was not being allowed back into my body.

I just floated above it for years. Watching some woman overfill my stomach with junk, fill my heart with empty promises, my mouth with transitory kisses.

Waiting for permission to return back to my body, to own it, but it never came.

I saw my bodies through others: if they liked it I liked it. If it was “too sexy” bringing me painful attention, I was repulsed.

I’d like to say the relentless love of a good man helped me put up shop again in my skin, but it didnt.

It wasn't the years of therapy, workshops, all of the books I read, my graduate degree, the ones I loved or the ones I let love me.

It wasn't the way I found God again in the shower, when I cried, when I kneeled in fields. Though that helped and began to breathe life back into my lungs.

It was simply my willingness to say “YES, come back in” to my soul.

By admitting I am not an angel, nor demon, I am not banished to wonder the lands of the half dead.

I am only human. And that is enough.

This dress is a celebration of all of that. Not for you or them or anyone else but the soul in me who has decided its best to be here than anywhere else. And I might as well live it up and feel damn juicy doing it.

My heartfelt suggestion: stay with your body and no matter how many times you must leave, always come back.

She is waiting for you.


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This Is What It Looks Like To Heal

This is what it looks like to heal.

It is crawling through the dark and feeling your way out. 

It is facing that thing you were not allowed to face.

It's saying what you were hushed over again and again.

It's saying "stop" when you'd normally pretend.

It is feeling the weight of your truth and holding it without giving it away or burying it.

It is no longer asking for their opinion.

It is deeply caring about them not catering to them.

It is finding your way through therapy, a coaching session, and getting turned upside down so you can walk right side up.

It is wiping the slate clean by doing your work so you are you and not years of pent up pain.

It is wearing that thing that makes you feel alive.

It is just walking outside. Deciding to feel the sun and remembering how damn delicious you are.

To the healing when it's hard and when it brings you Home.



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Joy, Freedom, And Peace Are Ours For The Taking

I have this old injury.

I've been okay at keeping it from flaring up for years simply by avoiding going near it and snapping at anyone who accidentally touches it.

When I first got injured, I had to deal with it by going to physical therapy (because I could barely walk). After I could walk again my therapist suggested that I get routine massages on the injury to break up the scar tissue.

My response was, "Fuck no."

It was such a raw tender place on my body and she wanted me to invite a complete stranger to work through it. Yes preventing further injury and eventually making it feel better, but I wasn't willing to do the work of being touched right where it hurts.

We can get like that: precious about our injuries.

Protecting them for years and not letting a single soul near them.  

To be touched lovingly on them or even around them can be excruciating and we forget that we actually get better from the touch of another person.

This goes for the same with emotional injuries from trauma, loss, heartbreak.  

We think we can handle them on our own, and keep people far away from our hearts, believing that it will somehow keep us safe.

That keeping miles in between our wound and the world is smart and keeps things together.

But what happens when we don't work on the scar tissue is that that scar tissue builds up and it gets harder to imagine a life without pain and suffering.

We get used to it and build our lives around it: limping and holding back trying to protect the injury from the world. But really we are just keeping ourselves from the world.

We think that pain is our birthright and forget that  joy, freedom, and peace are ours for the taking, when we are willing to do the hard work of letting our injuries out into the light of day, no longer ignoring them, downplaying them, running a mile on them or pretending that all is okay.

After about four years I've decided to face the work of getting restorative massage right on my injury.  

I finally found someone I felt safe with and almost immediately talked myself out of it, asking them to just work on other parts of my body that felt safer, easier, wouldn't make me take deep breaths or wince as if I was giving birth to myself. 

I almost asked her to work on parts of me that didn't feel as ugly.

Instead I took a risk and decided that the pain of living with the scar tissue was worse than the pain it takes to face it, breathe through it, work through it.

Now every single time I get a massage, she works on the area and some days it's more painful than others, but I'm  always glad that I finally have flexibility and relief in the place I thought I would never have it.

To facing the wound and letting love in right where it hurts the most.


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Calling In The Most Vulnerable Ones

Recently someone who is hiring me to coach them shared her perspective of me. She said, "You have more personality, soul, and sensuality in that tiny pinky finger of yours, than most have in their entire bodies. I want that."

I love that it wasn't my intelligence, image, or ego that drew this client to me. Not my level of importance. Its not because she thinks I know all the things or that I am more wise. It is because she can feel that I'm fully alive.

I've done a lot of work on myself to be fully conscious and awake. To let go of addictions like fear and self-deprecation and instead believe in my reason for being here: to be a catalyst, to watch women awaken. It is work I continue to do everyday with my coach and therapist.

I'm making space to get on calls with creative women all over the world who are hungry to awaken to their aliveness, that light that has been on the entire time and cannot be blown out by abuse, or trauma.

Women who are ready to get how incredible they are. I'm spending time hand picking a small group of women to begin my 90 Day Mentorship program. Women I feel I can truly help emerge as powerfully aware of who they are and the gifts they are bringing to the world.

Calling in the most vulnerable ones, the ones who have been through hell because you are the brightest and the world needs your light.

If you are feeling drawn to this, fill out the application.


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Your Only Obligation Is To Your Authentic Self

If someone asks you a question, you are not obligated to answer it.

If someone gives you a compliment, you are not obligated to receive it.

If someone gives you negative feedback, you do not have to let it in.

Just because someone is offering you something doesn't mean you have to take it from their hands.

This can be truly difficult for the empath: choosing to respond in a way that feels authentic instead of nice or protective of another's feelings.

Recently I told someone that I did not want to be open with them.
It was the most difficult and enlivening words I have ever spoken.

And what a gift: we do not have to like or be liked by everyone.
We get to choose who we rub elbows with, who we cry to, who we laugh with, who we wake up to in the morning.

If we choose these people carefully and without impulse or obligation, we will have so much more energy and joy for them because we are not letting our energy run dry trying too hard somewhere else.

To letting the right ones in.  

I'm opening up 2 spots for women to work with me 1:1 in October. For those up to big things ready to heal and rock their lives. Apply here for details.


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Witnessing Girls Step Into Their Power

Over the next few months I am teaching a class of 13 and 14 year old girls about empowerment. Sunday was our first class and these girls melted my heart. They tap into Source so easily. So free and real.

First we grounded ourselves and they took big deep breaths effortlessly. 
I taught them about God being alive in them and the way to access their power was to protect and cultivate the God within.

We spoke about respecting their bodily space and only allowing people they trust close to their bodies. I asked them, "How many have an Aunt Ethel that slobbers on your cheek and gets too close?" Everyone raised their hands. I explained that the world is not their annoying aunt, we don't have to let everyone in.

We did an exercise with partners and one partner said "go" inviting their partner to walk towards them. Then she said "stop" when their partner was close enough. I asked each girl to tap into how her body felt in this space, how they knew the person was close enough. Many girls said they felt peace in their bodies and not the "weird feeling when someone is too close." I taught them to always trust their gut feeling no matter what. That their bodies are a temple and deserve to feel safe.

One girl screamed "Stop!" in her partners face at one point. We made space for that feeling that came up. She explained that she's "just strong" and we practiced our aggressive face and energy verses being in our power. We also practiced saying no with no smiling until they believed their "no" and felt it in their bodies.

So beautiful to witness.

What did you wish you knew as a 13 year old about your worth, your body, your soul? What would have helped you in the long run? I would love to know as I plan my curriculum.



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Stay In Your Wild

I am not conservative enough.

I'm too wild.

I'm not strong enough.

I'm arrogant.

I'm too vulnerable.

I say too much. I say too little. I don't say the right things.

I take my body and sexuality too seriously.

I don't take myself serious enough.

I post too many pictures.

I'm leading people to their truth.

I'm distracting from it with my boobs.

After all the polls are taken it's time to burn the ballots and dance around the fire.

Free yourself from the ever changing opinions of the well meaning and stay in your wild. To connect to your wild, your heart, let's chat!

Reply with "let's chat" and I will send you deets to get on a heart to heart call with yours truly.



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Look For Preciousness Underneath

Being alone in public makes me more aware of my many judgements. The person next to me speaking on their iPhone on speaker detailing out what she ate at a restaurant last night, the rage that hits me when someone disturbs this quiet and peace.

"How dare she ruin this moment? I am drinking a smoothie here!"

Then I listen to the conversation and can tell she is lonely and the man that shes speaking to calls her sweetheart and is so patient with her, so loving.

Him: "Oh really that sounds delicious. Did you finish it?

Her: "Of course I did. Let me tell you about desert."

And as I ask my rage to melt so I can see her I begin to realize she might have just lost someone, she is grasping for a hand to hold in each moment so she doesnt slip.

She is precious and it almost makes me cry.

I am getting that it is not so much people I hate but rather how I decide to see them.

May I be strong enough to look for their preciousness underneath and if I cant find it, may I just look harder.


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Celebrating The Woman You Are

This past Saturday was National Women's Equality Day. The day that white privileged women got to vote in 1920.

I don't quite feel like celebrating it, with how things are in the current state of this country.


I do, however, want to celebrate being a woman and what that means, but I'm also stuck there.

What does being a woman mean?

Does it mean the ability to give birth?

Does it mean having breasts?

Does it mean having a figure that can stop traffic?

Does it mean wearing panty hose to a wedding?

Does it mean being a fighter, creator, bitch, slut, saint, whore?

Does it mean menstruating once a month and eventually going through menopause?

Does it mean being sexy? Or smart?

Does it mean being able to do it all alone?

Does it mean leaning on a man to help us?

Does it mean being religious or spiritual?

Does it mean being soft, kind, gentle hearted?

Does it mean being modest?

Does it mean being unstoppable, fierce?

Is it wearing a skirt or pants?

Is it being called "girl" or "sister?"

Is it peeing sitting down or standing up?

It is being vulgar, burping, cursing?

Is it walking with someone else at night?

Is it being called "baby" "sugar" "sweetheart" by strangers?

Is it holding our own door?

Does it mean the door is held for us?

Is it enjoying sex?

Is it playing hard to get?

Is it being polite in public?

Is it being the target of unwanted sexual attention by the masses?

Does it mean wanting to have sex with men, women, genderless, queer folk?

Is it being a "she?" or "we" or "them" or "her?"

I'm seeing that what is special about us is what we CHOOSE it to be.

It is all of those things and none of those things.

It is different for each person.


The squirrel outside of my window continues to hang upside down as he stares at me with these sweet beety eyes. I have named him Knuckles and made him a "him," just because I felt like it, but it doesn't reflect anything other than me, who I am, and my odd propensity for falling in love with simple things like squirrels who visit my tree.

I don't think Knuckles cares much about me being clear on his gender or sex or how he acts it out or what makes them different or the same. Knuckles isn't too worried about fitting in or being part of some structural system, so that I know who I'm looking at. No one told him one day: "You are a squirrel. Now act like it." Which is pretty cool. Knuckles gets to do whatever he damn wants to do, and I love that about him.

And for me being a woman is like being Knuckles the Squirrel: enjoying the bliss of being, feeling, eating, seeing, speaking up, loving, for no good reason other than because I am alive and it is my right to be fully alive.

It is living outside of the pressure to have to conform to any societal norm, knowing that I was meant to be fully awake and not a dead fish in the sea of life.

It's just doing my thing and having the right to do it, without apology.

I will celebrate that.


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Taking a Soul Trip

This week I am traveling to a leadership and personal growth seminar across the country. I have not traveled for long by myself since before I met my husband, 7 years ago.

Though I love being his travel partner I am craving the deep quiet of long trips alone. Where my goal is not to be there for anyone else but myself.

Where I can read, write, plan, be for hours at a time. Dreaming up best ways to be there for my clients while simultaneously being there for myself.

I love finding breakfast nooks, watching people interact, how beautiful the world can be when I give myself the gift of taking it in alone.

We need this fellow empaths: to be alone with our own soul so we can better feel our hearts and hear our thoughts.

To remember what it feels like to wake up to ourselves alone and be alive with gratitude because we get to be in our body for another day, soaking up the everyday miracles in store.

To trust our responses and reactions, without getting feedback or input from anyone else.

To get lost more in being than doing.

To explore the world cultivating an honoring relationship with the self.

Then we can trust our intuition, we can trust who we let in, for we are no longer running from ourselves but rather attracting from a place of being more than enough.

The more that we don't want to be alone, the more we need it. We are more alive for the ones we love when we crave our solitude like we do time alone with a lover. More importantly, we are more enjoyable to be alone with and getting to know ourselves is the most intoxicating romance yet.

To time alone with the most precious Lover of them all: the Soul.


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Hello soulful entrepreneur!

Hello soulful entrepreneur!

You are hungry for success, but not as the world sees it. You want to show up boldly, vulnerably, with your full heart, mind, and soul in a way that ignites powerful change in people across the world.

You are just what this world needs and you have a magic that is all your own.

One thing you need to keep your mojo going so you don't get tired: a badass sisterhood supporting you and walking with you on this journey to bringing your legacy into the world while getting PAID, son!

Who this invitation is for:

Women who are about to embark upon a journey to get to their destination: coaching, creating, completing a book, showing up BIG in the world and laying it all out there, using their own pain and trauma and turning into deep meaning and their legacy in the world.

Powerful women who are ready to show up big for themselves and their sisters.

Not just women who YES you but women who challenge you, who help you become the best version of yourself because girl, there just ain't no time for anything else.

And this is why I am emailing you:

To invite you to our first ever soulful mastermind intro call, with women all over the world.  

Because this work is just too damn big to do alone, we need lots of powerful women keeping us motivated, cheering us on, sharing resources, clients, making this work so much sweeter because we know we are not alone in it.

Since I opened my business my soul has been nudging me to begin this membership group. I'm listening to the nudge as everyday I meet new entrepreneurs or soon to be entrepreneurs who need the love, recognition, and inspiration, to keep their fires going.

I'm hosting a call that will share just what this sisterhood will look like, what you will get from it, and deep down why it could be time for you to let yourself be carried by some fire starters and world changers, reminding you that you are ALL these things and you have ALL THAT YOU NEED to create lasting change in the world, even when you want to quit (especially than).

When: This Wed. August 16th, 4pm EST

RSVP: If you haven't RSVP'd already, RSVP here:

On our call: There will be a time for chatting and for you to be seen on video, but most of the call you will get to lean back and be carried for a bit, listening to and learning some tips and getting hugged soulfully, because babe, you are doing BIG work in the world are about too, and you deserve a space where you can get fed to make sure you don't chicken out and you follow through with that power that is alive in you.

Questions, thoughts, email me anytime.

Loving you brave,

You Deserve Joy

Joy is our innate birthright.

Joy in our bodies.

Joy in our sex.

Joy in our love.

Joy in our relationships.

Joy in our sacred work.

Joy in our passions.

There might be rules about "joy," but they simply don't pertain to us.

The rule that you can be THIS happy but not TOO happy.

That we can be free but not TOO free.

Any sourpuss frowning, asking you to hide your joy away, has no power when you remember who you are:

one badass mamjama ready to PARTY.

To living our lives like one big cosmic party, bringing everything we want, need, and desire, just in the best possible moment.

Rock out with us at our 2nd BodyLove Goddess Photoshoot & Retreat October 6th.  All the juicy detailsRSVP up in here.


Someone told me recently, "It's easy for you."

I've heard lately, "It's easy for you."

I have heard "you're pretty" and "special" and "you have a guy that loves you." They say they are not as strong or pretty, so they can't do what I do.

I want to share with you what it takes to uphold this level of functioning. And I want to take you on a journey of where I've been.

First off:

My brows are not my brows. They are only partially my brows.

I had micro-blading done by Deann Casias Howard recently and I adore it. She is my eyebrow guru and I will never go to anyone else. Check her out:

I have had A LOT of laser hair removal on my face and still need more because I'm a hairy Mediterranean. Kids used to tease me and I heard about it as I got older too. I started waxing when I was 8.

I work out very often and I still do not feel that I'm at my strongest, but I'm getting there. Still working on reclaiming my body from trauma and living in it fully.

I eat healthy usually because I'm pretty bitchy when I eat certain foods.

I had braces but need them again because my teeth are British apparently. Adult braces hur I come!

I've been making lots of little mistakes lately because I didnt know where my glasses are, and they have been sitting on my desk right infront of me for weeks. (very simple human things can evade me like finding my glasses, directions, cleaning up after myself, etc)

The writing that draws my clients to me is also the writing that makes a lot of people roll their eyes or viciously attack me.

I've heard every name in the book because of my breasts and the content I share.

I have spent many years doing the following and continue to work on this at times:

- intense trauma therapy

- forgiving my abusers

- bringing other people close to me into therapy to talk shit out

- heal my disordered eating, addiction to unhealthy relationships

- attend CODA meetings:

- go to school endlessly (because I dropped out a bit there in the beginning due to depression). I got a grad degree in a field I don't even work in anymore however the education is the basis of all that I do.

- almost quit every program or thing I was ever in due to feeling some kind of hatred & attack from women

- being miserable and pathetically chasing after boys until I decided to stop chasing and let myself be pursued

- reading books on boundaries, healing, trauma

- Studying trauma's impact on the body from expert Bessel Van Der Kolk

- getting pretty much thrown out of establishments or receiving very harsh rejections due to being different, questioning the norm, my big mouth, etc

- attending seminars and trainings that have kicked the ass of my ego and pissed me off to no end but made me better (Landmark Forum by Larry Pearson Jr)

- putting my husband through bootcamp in the beginning of our relationship demanding that we talk things out and through for hoursssss #sorrynotsorry

- pulling my husband to therapy with me to work on issues BEFORE we got married

- going to many retreats specifically geared to healing trauma by powerhouse experts like Kate Lampe & Carrie Culverhouse Neithamer

- getting a sponsor and doing a deep dive into humility in overeaters anonymous, becoming a sponsor, leading meetings. If you struggle with food issues of any kind check them out: I did the work on the way to my wedding (I called a newcomer) and was able to stay calm even though my veil was left behind.

- getting my heart broken a lot by trying to be liked instead of respected

- never ending study to keep me on the cutting edge of trauma healing and women's sexuality.

You don't have to be perfect to have a business, have a healthy body and a healthy relationship, or any of the things that you want.

In fact if someone seems perfect, they most definitely are not. Don't waste your time comparing yourself, that's a crapshoot. It's like driving and never looking at the road ahead of you but at the other drivers. That's bonkers and will get you flipped off.

You just gotta work hard and be diligent about pursuing your passion with all of your being. I went through the mud and had to learn a lot and I will teach it to you, if you're ready.

I work like hell and wouldn't change it for the world.

To working like hell.

Love, love.


It's Time I Share My Story

My sister warriors. 

I am making a stand.

I'm taking a stand for you woman who has been through so much trauma some days you can barely see straight.

You who have fought for everything you have, and you continue your fight, even though sometimes it gets hard.

You who owns incredible gifts to share with this world that only YOU can bring, and it will change the game for all of us.

I am ready to tell you the details of my own fight through the dark into my power in a very special series of messages only available to women who are on the path of pursuing their personal power.

I am asking you to take a jump with me into this transparent place, where I will share all. Nothing held back.

I am full of goosebumps knowing that this is exactly what I was made to do and this is where I draw the line. I'm kicking fear in the stomach and deciding to share my deepest heart. I hope you join me on this side of truth, vulnerability, power, strength, and connection.

Where we no longer live on default, being controlled by the past.

We decide here how it's going to go, because we KNOW who we are and we know what we are doing.

My heart is with you, the warriors, the ones who know they can't go back to living small. And the only way we can be this brave, is if we do this together.

Join me on this journey and receive a series of messages full of soul and sparkle right here.

Click, "Fall in love with yourself," and get ready for a power party.

My sharing of truth and my personal story will show you just how precious your truth is.

We need all of you, even the broken pieces. Especially the broken pieces because they let the light in the most. 

Join me on this journey of truth.

Love, love.


Special Performance Of Burlesque

I do not own the rights to this song. Song is called "Gold" by Kiiara

My most recent burlesque class performance, by Ginger Leigh with Julissa! Simply felt so delicious!

She said I should have known better. 

That my 16 year old brain and body were broken, because I fell in love with the youth pastor of my church. 

She looked at me like my beauty was a weapon.

She taught me immediately that women can't support eachother ESPECIALLY when we are beautiful. 

It took me years to know that my sexual aliveness, my beauty, the health of my body and soul, were some of my greatest gifts and NOT something to be ashamed of, not reasons for women to hate me. And I remember this most clearly when I'm dancing burlesque. 

As women, we hear these messages all the time. 

We are told stories about our sensuality, our sexuality, our bodies. Taught to hide and live in fear of our natural charisma. 

We can lose our erotic innocence, that light in our eyes, simply to fit in and keep others comfortable.

No longer will we forget that every hip roll of our luscious bodies is nothing less than a miracle. 

A reclamation of pieces of our soul that went missing.

No one can convince us otherwise: our bodies are holy and moving them with fierce aliveness is a homecoming. 

To our homecoming.

Invitation: I'll be speaking on reclaiming the feminine divine sexuality in our Facebook group, BodyLove Goddess with Maria Palumbo. Details coming soon. You will not want to miss this sauciness babe.

Enjoy the most recent performance in class by Ginger Leigh of Philadelphia Burlesque School, love! It is attached :-)

                                                             Love, love, love!

A Feminist Love Letter

My newest article in Rebelle coming at you first!

It was inspired by love.

I love to feel love, I loved to be loved, I love to want love.

I love in body, soul, and mind.

I've been letting that love fire wake me up and listening to it and what it wants.  

It wants me to dance, it wants me to play, it wants me to make out, it wants me to feel desire without blowing it out.

Our wild love as women is not tame, it's not meant to be kept safe or told what to do.

It's meant to shine free.

This love letter is to honor the wild divine within you, she's one powerful sexy thang<3

A Feminist Love Letter

I never needed you.

I never awoke in the middle of the night reaching for you.

The only flesh I reach for is my own and the bones I crave are the ones underneath my skin standing upright and strong.

I never waited for you.

I have walked to your door and then turned around and found my way home. Just because I like to walk in the quiet of the night.

I do not ask you to compromise, hold back, be nice.

I do not ask you to make me feel special.

I want you to hold me to the fire.

Let it awaken in your eyes and burn me with every touch.

I will not melt.

I will dance naked around this fire and hold you to my skin, when the wind blows just right.

Do not ask me to be nice and quiet.

As if it is my duty to be childlike and kind.

I trace the stars with my fingers and feel the sky between my thighs.

When I am close, I do not pur. I moan.

Crave it but know that it’s your job alone to make you alive.

Want me with the innocence of your childhood.

How you ran to your favorite tree to climb when you were lonely. Climb here and stay all day.

Want me like your birthday presents. Discover new ways to unwrap me.

Want me with the hunger of a soldier home from war. Kissing every inch of my earth remembering just what you’ve been fighting for.

Crave me like you crave apple pie in the summer.  Devour every inch.

Feel me as if you went blind, as if my lips are the first ones you’ve tried.

Taste me like the ancient spices of a secret religion.  Where desire is holy and drank like wine.

Know me but don’t try to predict me or tell me where to go. I am ever changing and dancing like the flecks of sunshine on the sea.

Do not try to impress me with lies of normalcy. I have no time to waste.

I am not interested in the mundane details of your life, or where you’ve been or where you are going.

I want only to know what keeps you achingly alive. What you yearn for.

I want to know you could be anywhere else and you choose to be undone with me now.

Not that you want me so much that you could die, but you want me so much that you live.

And when I’m tired, take my arm in the park, like we’ve aged 40 years.

Crave me until you don’t.

And then release me.

I'd rather you be happy.

Than good.


Getting Down On Facebook Live

Hi gorgeous!

Oh it was so nice getting to know you on our LIVE call yesterday! Many of you sent me personal messages letting me know how grateful you are for this challenge. You are the BEE'S KNEES.

Today we are getting toasty around the camp fire of LOVE.  

We are talking about why being particular about the people you love and who you let love you is just HUGE in combating depression & living a life that makes you go: "heck yes" instead of "awww hell nah!"

It can be HARD letting go of people we want to love us, but it feels DELICIOUS like jumping into a heated pool, when we stop chasing what doesn't work & we let in all the juicy kindness! 

Bring your questions, thoughts, ideas.

The Why Behind The Facebook Live:

This is for the woman who could use some coaching & isn't sure where to begin with all of the options out there. The woman who knows she was put on this earth for a big reason and deserves some love to find out what that reason is.

I will give you clarity and fuel for your awesome journey to YOU & reveal some practical tips to get you bootay shaking ready to create the life you DESERVE.

12pm EST up in here:




You Know The Moment You Realize You Love Someone?

You know the moment you realize you love someone?

It catches you, this feeling, like a child's hand catches a butterfly. 

It's soft, and slow, and you know you can't fight it.

It's just too beautiful.

Maybe the way this person says a word, the way they laugh, the way they pause waiting for your response before they continue.

Maybe it's the way they talk to their plants, or they tell you they love to take outdoor showers. 

Maybe it's a romantic type of love. Maybe it's platonic. Maybe it's a combination of both.

All you know is that you're getting the gift of being in the presence of someone and for a moment, you get how sacred relationship is.

How rich it is knowing someone else and being known.

This is what each newsletter will bring you from now on:

I want you to fall in love with you, right now, just a bit more, each time you open up your email and read my words.

I want you to get the holiness of your movement, your breath, your stillness, your fight, your release. How it all is right now.

I want you to give me the gift of nourishing your precious heart.

It's not easy for a warrior like you to ask for help, and lean on someone else.

Believe me, I know.

A few weeks back I hit such a deep depression, I questioned my existence and my reason for being on this earth.

I had got lost in the DOING that I forgot the LEANING. The letting myself be loved, helped, seen, taken care of.

I got my butt back into therapy & out into the community.

I started opening my heart again and even deeper. I let myself RECEIVE.

I found out I was holding onto some grief and was closing off my heart to getting help and being seen, but thank my soul, realized it was time to make a change.

How do we fall in love with ourselves, even in the midst of our loneliest moments?

The truth is, it's impossible without someone bearing loving witness, because sometimes, we all forget what it looks like to love ourselves and we need a gentle reminder.

I'm honored to be that reminder for you babe.

For a moment today may you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, feel the softness of your hands, feel the glimmer of moonlight in your laugh, and may you fall in love, just a bit more.


How To Find Your Wholeness After Sexual Trauma

Hey brilliant babe-

In honor of the memory of Psalm Isadora and every person who has experienced sexual abuse, I will be posting a series of sex positive posts on my Facebook and will be sharing them with you too.To those who cannot share or were told to stay quiet, I will speak.

In this recent podcast, I go deep about the first step after sexual trauma: finding our wholeness. This conversation is a powerful instrument for the woman who is reclaiming her power in her body.  

Feeling broken when you're in the early stage of healing is normal and here I share about how you can TRUST your power again and find it shining.

You can listen here.


This Light Of Mine

Hey woman. I'm a bit late this week because beautiful things have been happening.
I hired an incredible team of brilliant ones to help me reach more people and make this work even more effective. 
I also was a featured speaker in a social work undergraduate class.  It was absolutely fantastic getting to connect to and inspire young brilliant adults. Letting them know they can do and create anything. They can have a business just like me and go on to create a lasting legacy in the world through their work.
When I looked in their eyes I got this pull on my heart to begin to tell more of the story of what brought me to this profession. How I overcame trauma and went on to rock freedom and my power like nobody's business. I realized then that I need to tell this story so women like me, who have been through hell, know that they can keep going. Even more so, they can change the WORLD despite of it!
My recent article in Rebelle Society speaks to survival, resiliency, and shining bright.  This one is for you: fellow creators, girlbosses, world changers. You can do anything.

Read the article here.