The Body Love Goddess Retreat


Soulful Sisterhood, BodyLove Practices & Body Positive Glamour Photoshoot

October 6-8 2017


awakening TO YOUR POWER















A special oasis nestled in the woods near the farmlands of Northeren New Jersey.


A  Note From The Creator & Founder of BodyLove Goddess Retreat, Maria Palumbo

As women we are faced with a lot of "shoulds." Shoulds about our weight, our business, our families, our lives.  We face many decisions on a daily basis and often times feel pressure to put ourselves last.

As a result so many of us face eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues, as we haven't really taken the time to indulge in our joy, healing, and sisterhood. We feel pressure to be what others want us to be, but feel that gentle calling of our souls to embrace all that we are in mind, body, and soul.  

I created this retreat just for that: the connecting you to your blissful joy in having fun and feeling beautiful in your body.  

There are no "shoulds" here, only an invitation for you to take a journey with us into loving sisterhood where ALL are included.  Where we discover more of who we are and where we want to go.

I am so excited to be connecting with you loves, in the deep gorgeous woods of New Jersey.  Where we will laugh, play, and discover the joy of being just who we are, right now. Where we will walk taller knowing that we are exactly who we are meant to be. Where we will feel that juicy warmth in our hearts seeing just how fun and easy it can be connecting with women heart to heart.

I have found the most beautiful coziest location for our sacred gathering. We will have privacy with ONLY WOMEN on site and you will feel total rejuvenation.

It's your turn to be the one that soaks up all the love that you so easily shine to others.

Take a seat at the table and get ready for a delicious dive into you.

Body Love Goddess Retreat


Reserve your spot.

All Inclusive Access:

Photoshoot, Vegetarian Meals, Gifts & Special Workshops  

$650.00 (Early Bird special)

Only 20 spots available. 


Our retreat is in a cozy rustic farmhouse from the 1940s. It is on a 189 acre hilltop paradise. It was restored for events just like ours: events for celebrating, honoring, and having lots of sparkly fun.

It is only 10 minutes from surrounding restaurants and stores, while still nestled by itself deep in the woods. 

It is has a gorgeous hiking trail, cozy hammocks, a peaceful pond, unending fields, and a place to dance around a fire.  Not to mention plenty of outdoor seating space, complete with balconies and a terrace that you will never want to leave.


The following airports are the closest to the location.

There will be a chance for you to contact all that are attending for carpooling opportunities, simply request to do so via email to 

The following is relative estimates of travel time between airports and our retreat.

(50 minutes) Lehigh Valley International Airport 

(1 hour 7 minutes) Trenton-Mercer Airport

(1 hour 56 minutes) Philadelphia National Airport

Note: Excact address of the retreat will be sent to attendees.


All meals will be provided for you by a prestigious local chef who specializes in local, organic, and vegetarian hearty meals. Let us know about any allergies and we will do our best to accomodate. You may bring snacks of your choice as well as extra food items you anticipate you might need.

This is a non-alcoholic event. You will be surprised by the amount of laughter and ridiculous fun we have totally sober.


Friday: Snacks, Dinner & Whole Fruit

Saturday: Brunch, Dinner & Whole Fruit

Sunday: Breakfast & Whole Fruit

There will be coffee and herbal tea available in the mornings.

Temporary Schedule

Friday: Welcome

2:00PM: Welcome Circle, Logistics. Meet Mini-Groups

4:00PM: Light Snacks

5:00PM: BodyLove Workshop #1

7:00PM: Dinner then evening fire gathering

Saturday: Photoshoot & Sister Ceremony

11:00AM: Brunch

12:00PM: Prep for Photoshoot

1:00PM-4:00PM: Glamour Photoshoot & Body Love Rituals

5:00pm-6:00PM: BodyLove Workshop #2

6:00PM- 6:45PM: Free time, explore nature, connect with new friends

7:00PM: Dinner

8:30PM: Glow Dance Party

9:30PM-10:30pm: Fire Gathering & Sister Ceremony

Sunday: Closing Ceremony & Power rituals

9:00AM: Breakfast

10:00AM: Journaling & Connecting with sisters in mini-groups

11:00AM: BodyLove Workshop #3

12:00PM: Lunch

1:00PM: Closing Ceremony & Power Rituals

2:00PM: Power send off

All Inclusive Access:

Photoshoot, Vegetarian Meals, Gifts & Special Workshops  

$650.00 USD (Early Bird special)

Only 20 spots available.


Reserve spot with a down payment of $250.00 USD.

Full amount due by September 30th.


What Women Say

I had the life changing opportunity to co-host the Bodylove Goddess photo shoot. That day a group of women, a couple who are old friends and others who barely knew each other, came together and empowered each other through ritual, writing on each other, showering eachother with glitter and rose petals, and connecting to the literal and metaphorical fire that burns in each of us and ignites our souls. This day, and the pictures from this day, will forever remind me that I can embrace every aspect of my physical self and my spiritual self and recognize the power and beauty within. Self love and acceptance truly creates powerful women who build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Thank you Maria for such a beautiful experience.

Jada Rohner


Kaitlin final.jpg

There are not enough positive things I can say about this event. I feel so incredibly honored and blessed to have been a part of the magic that occurred that day- from the moment that we arrived, I was blown away by this incredible sense of sisterhood and community, creativity and safety.

It was a celebration of ourselves, of our bodies, of this community of like-minded & supportive women, of this sense of being a part of a love revolution and dismantling everything that we've been force-fed and conditioned to believe about the female body.

For me, it was a reclamation of my divine power! From the rose petals, to the flower crowns, to the paint markers which we used to write affirming and positive comments on one another's bodies! To the glitter, to the the freedom we felt as we howled and laughed and let our breasts hang free in the summer sun, to that Majestic fire that we were able to dance around! To the final jump into the pool all of us holding hands on the day from start to finish, was sure a magical experience.

I am so so grateful to have this in my memory- can't wait for Part 2! Thank you to Maria for spearheading this whole movement and project; thank you to my sisters who were able to join me on that very humid and beautiful August day! New friends and old, thank you for being fearless and strong and unapologetic and fierce and radiantly beautiful just as you are, without apology or agenda.

Thank you to everyone who is a part of this community or is thinking of joining- thank you for showing up exactly as you are and sharing your life and your brilliance in your radiance with this group. What the world needs now are more fearless warriors of light and a strong community of like-minded sisters to gather together and support and ultimately heal ourselves and the world.

Kaitlin Wright


When I first arrived, I felt this sense of serenity in the air, like the feeling you would expect to get at a day spa. Maria gave me a very warm greeting, and immediately introduced me to the other women, some of whom I was already friends with. Soon we were all helping each other with our hair and make up, and showering each other with words of admiration.

The very first group photos Tracey took, were of the rose petal and glitter goddess ceremony. As soon as I joined the circle, I could feel a very close connection with each woman, and all of the openness, love and energy each woman was sharing with the rest of us. I sat in awe as each woman took their turn in the center, and talked so candidly about themselves, and made their own declarations of self love. I especially enjoyed being able to express my admiration of each woman by showering her with kind words, flowers, and, of course, glitter!

When it was my time to be in the center, the feeling of being admired and loved was so strong that I couldn't help but smile and laugh as I felt the golden glitter and flower petals fall all around me. It felt as if I was being kissed by the Sun herself!

Even though most of us were complete strangers, by the end of the day we were like old friends parting ways with giant hugs and tearful eyes. I found glitter in my hair, and in my bedroom for weeks after that. I still find some in my car from time to time. Each time I've seen that distinctive gold glitter, it is as if I am being showered with love all over again.

I don't know any other way to describe it, but I've felt so much more free and beautiful in my own skin, than I ever had before. That day was the first time I had ever worn a bikini without any cover ups. Ever. It had actually been several years since I wore even a two piece swimsuit. After that, I proudly braved the beach in a new bikini.

Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised with my new found courage, strength, and not just self expectance, but true self love! I truly believe this day was magical, and I hope everybody reading this considers joining in. This really was life changing for me.

I cannot thank Maria, and all others involved, enough for putting together such a beautiful day!

Katilin Rogers


2016, with all of its difficulties globally, nationally and here at home was, for me, a year of life changing growth in many ways. One of my most cherished projects was to photograph the amazing women for the Body Love Photo Shoot in the summer of 2016. This was a project that meant a great deal to me. I have never in my life been as inspired by a group of women as I was that day.

First, everyone had brought a gift of some kind. Some brought healthy snacks, there were flowers donated to make flower crowns, women applying makeup to other women, glitter, body paint and scarves and so much more.

As the preparation for the shoot wound down and we wandered the magical property (thank you Jada) I began to shoot these amazing women. I was immediately enthralled by the group of women. All were wearing black swimsuits and truly rocking them. I know that personally I would be self conscious in this situation but since I was wearing my regular clothing I felt comfortable.

Maria led the group in a circle and each participant got to be a goddess, she got to stand in the middle and have flower petals and glitter rain down on her. The actual photography became fast paced as I moved in and out of the circle, rapid fire shooting these amazingly ethereal, gorgeous, brave, stunning women. At first I found it a little overwhelming. These women were of every body type, many backgrounds and all with her own story. The emotion in the air was strong and sacred. I found myself caught up in the crazy energy. The professional part of me still shooting away but the woman at my core feeling all of the goddess energy that was thick in the air and finding myself fighting back tears of emotion.

We took photos for three, maybe four hours and it was HOT that day, literally near the hundred degree mark. I was shooting with two cameras and ended up with over 700 photos.

When the day was over and I drove away I felt so inspired by having been a part of this event. This was the true meaning of sisterhood in all of its loving, messy, truthful, fierce, crazy assed glory. I had to whittle the photos down to less than 100 and tell the story of that day. As I began to sort and edit at work, the emotion of the day swirled around me. I love the photographs from that day and remain in awe of these women. This was definitely my favorite project of 2016. Gratitude to all of you for the trust and for showing me your beauty that day."

Tracey Di Paolo of Tracey Di Paolo Photography

I struggled with so many things about myself for so many years. My body image, self-esteem, mental state; they all tied together to make for a not-so-happy Theresa. So I’ll be honest – I was skeptical and nervous about attending the first BodyLove Goddess photoshoot. Despite the progress I’d made in recent years to love and accept myself, I was still scared that I wasn’t in the right place mentally for the event I was partaking in. But to me, that was why this event was so important.

I was immediately embraced by these beautiful, kind women who helped me start coming out of my shell and feeling at peace with myself.

What an amazing experience it turned out to be – sharing inspirational stories and just simply celebrating US for who we are.

We spent that gorgeous day together, frolicking around the beautiful grounds so generously shared by fellow goddess Jada R, feeling like sexy wood nymphs with our flower crowns and ALL the glitter!

Not only did we leave with new friendships and a strengthened sense of self-love and confidence, we had some kick-ass photos of ourselves taken by the talented Tracy Di Paolo!

The whole experience was just so empowering, one that always pops into my head when I feel myself looking for a little self-esteem boost!

Theresa Lewis