Do you keep finding yourself dating the SAME KIND OF PERSON?

Do you wonder “Why me!?” after another shitstorm goes down?

Do you find yourself wasting precious time trying to “figure out” your partner? Thinking once you CRACK THEIR CODE, all will be well?

Do you find yourself BLAMING YOURSELF for your partner’s cray cray, yet never truly feeling you can make any difference in how things go down?

It’s time you take the focus off of what they are doing, and shine the light onto YOUR shadow.

Your shadow is that part of you are ASHAMED of. The part that gets you doing things you know deep down, you don’t really want to do. The part of you that goes along to get along, and puts LOOKING GOOD first before FEELING GOOD. 

Your shadow might be:
The Good Girl
The Good Guy
The Enabler
The Manipulator
The Emotional Attacker
The Fixer
The Avoider

INTEGRATE YOUR SHADOW or you will find yourself painfully attracted to a partner who embodies it.

Once you can name, recognize, and lovingly commit to embracing your shadow, you won’t have to keep attracting lovers who do the work for you.

I am hosting a masterclass on Shadow Integration: how to face your shadow lovingly and powerfully, so you will stop repeating the same behaviors with every partner you meet. 

You will learn to:

* Embrace your unique shadow & honor it so you can show up in your relationships without SHAME and with joy about how you show up

* Take back the power and feel CLEAR in your mind so you can express exactly what you want and get it 

* Create a strong container for building intimacy and melt the drama so you can spend more time in pleasure and less time putting out fires

* Embody gentleness and lightheardeness when faced with a trigger, so you can make decisions that magnetize HEALTHY partners.

Sign up for our Shadown Integration Masterclass on the link below.

Time to get down and dirty ♥

This is the beginning part of a special series of webinars that I will be hosting monthly that will be available by subscription. We are building a bright community of consciousness and knowledge.

When: December 5th 7pm PST - 8:15pm PST

Where: Zoom, you will get the link and deets to log on.

Will be recorded and video available for all, especially for those who are unable to attend.

Purchase your spot here.