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Are you exhausted by life so you don't find the time or energy to find your turn on?

Do you carry old shame and stories around your body, sex, and pleasure?

Do you want to feel turned on and alive on a daily basis, regardless if you are having sex?

Are you curious about strengthening the relationship between your sexual vitality and the rest of your life?

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It's been a long time since you remember feeling CONFIDENT in your sexuality. Fully enjoying being in your body, regardless if someone wants you.

You crave to find the language that explains to your lover exactly what you want. You crave to give yourself permission to know what you want. 

You are single or married and you want to create a world of pleasure that people are excited to be a part of. No more convincing or feeling embarrassed. 

You're ready to awaken your sexual vitality among brothers and sisters who are actively learning how to have conscious dialogue about sex, intimacy, and desire. 

I've created this course for the pleasure seeker who is ready to EMBODY the fire they crave. Who is ready to live in alignment with their desire, without asking for permission or needing validation. 

GET REAL and SEEN in your relationships.

KNOW YOUR WORTH and be able to stand firm in what you deserve.

PRACTICE PLEASURE on a daily basis.

Every day you will get to dive into a deeper layer of your bliss, discovering the gold that lies within you.

Get Dirty in Bliss 30 Day Course Includes:

  • Group Coaching & Daily Bliss Rituals
  • Access to a community of pleasure seekers 
  • Safe space to be in your body and explore your sexuality
  • Opportunity to observe and share when you are ready
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  • Gain confidence in your body as it is right now
  • Uncover shame blocks that have been holding you back
  • Discover how to be your own best lover
  • Receive support and guidance on how to get the most out of this journey

Removing shame, preparing yourself to receive, and cultivating a pleasure mindset.



  • Learn how to ask for your pleasure in a way that delivers
  • Create ritual to return to a deep trust in your belonging and worthiness
  • Get on a high vibration that makes people want to meet you there
  • Begin building a community of pleasure seekers that get it

Getting what you desire, trusting yourself, and attracting more bliss.



  • Be confident and clear on who you are and what you want 
  • Get to know what seduces you
  • Be a firm "no" to what does not align with you and a "hell yes" to your bliss
  • Stabalize your mental health so life can't help but want you

Acting from a place of power, speaking your truth, being swept off your feet by life.



  • Explore what truly turns you on
  • Learn skills to develop deeper intimacy
  • Feel deserving of receiving
  • Step into your abundant mindset

Finding your turn on, experiencing deep intimacy, cultivating an abundant mindset.

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