Firestarter Session with Maria Palumbo

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Firestarter Session with Maria Palumbo

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A Firestarter session is an introduction to Maria Palumbo’s signature work. One session creates a significant breakthrough in an area of your life that you have historically felt hopeless.

People have shared…

Working with Maria has helped me come home to myself in a way I had not previously experienced and could not have experienced on my own. We healed years of layered repression, shame, fear, self-rejection, self-denial, and unworthiness in the most real, loving, and body-centered of ways. “

Gianna Mautone, June 2019

“Working with Maria was an experience I've never had with a 'coach' before. I felt seen and heard in a way that gave me a new and deeper understanding of myself.

Maria's understanding of the human psyche and how to integrate love and forgiveness was exactly what I needed to move forward, with clarity and ease.”

Shan Major, July 2019