Are you tired of struggling with doubt over whether you can have sex, love, and passion, YOUR way? 

Are you done with alway pleasing someone else first and ready to put your pleasure on top of your priority list?

Feel like you've been doing the relationship and sex thing like you've been told to, but you know deep down, you want more?

You end up saying "yes," to things that don't turn you on and you struggle with saying what it is you really want.

You KNOW you deserve bliss, but when it comes down to getting naked, you waste energy spinning in anxiety and "what ifs."

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You're overwhelmed, jumping through hoops and feeling exhausted. You know you can't keep trying to make everyone happy if you want to create the bliss you desire.

And yes, when it comes to letting go and feeling turned on, it's easier to do it yourself instead of letting someone in.

Even worse, you know what you crave: sheer mind altering pleasure, yet you don't know how to receive it.

I hear you, and I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by the thought of receiving pleasure while craving deep intimacy on all levels. 

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I am living a life on fire with passion, love, and deep commitment, one where I call the shots and no longer wait for someone to give me permission to have the pleasure I crave. I pursue a non-normative love lifestyle after years of heartbreak, confusion, and holding back. I never thought this amount of bliss was possible. I have not called the Pleasure Police on myself, not even once.

I continue to make space for my desire, so the fire fuels my life. I've seen a transformation of my sex, finances, health, body, and relationships, as I give myself the space to identify and fully pursue exactly what I want.

What would life be if you could make this transition to living in your desire and up level in a big way?

If thinking about this excites you, then I'm glad you are here. I've been in your shoes, and I know how to hold space for the most turned on unstoppable you to emerge.  

It's time to create the bliss you desire and watch as your whole life reflects your light.

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This high level mentorship has been designed specifically for the whole-hearted creative who:

  • Is consistently hungry to grow and expand their capacity for pleasure, joy, and vibrancy.
  • Desires deep soul connection with others that leaves them refreshed.
  • Is feeling passionate about building a life around pleasure and desire.
  • Believe that building communication skills, magnetism, and attracting quality stable intimate relationships are a must.

You know that shame has run rampant in your life and you're not going to settle anymore.

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There are awesome embodiment tools &1:1 coaching that keeps you inspired and ready to rock your worthiness.

Your Bliss Mentorship Experience Includes:

  • 12 X Private Coaching Sessions with Maria to be used over 3 months.
  • Unlimited coaching via email and video chat.
  • Customized tools and pleasurework, keeping you on course.
  • Opportunity to record any coaching sessions and re-visit them at your convenience to anchor and inspire you.
“I met Maria at a point where I was very conflicted and confused with my sexuality. Married 26 years and very happily so, I was having a secret sexting relationship with a man half my age. I tried hard to give it up with no success despite the fact it was jeopardizing my marriage. I knew it could destroy my career and my family.

The day after my husband discovered this elicit relationship for the third time and said he was leaving me, I happened to have a scheduled call with Maria. I instantly felt connected. Maria’s compassion and lack of judgement about my situation was what I needed to forgive myself enough to explore what was going on in my head, in my body, and in my heart. She shared her story, she was vulnerable, immediately putting me at ease to open up, no holds barred, without judgement or shame.

Maria was remarkably attentive, setting up our next meeting immediately to assure me she was there to support me. Sending me many useful resources, all to get some other perspectives. She showed me it was possible to break the cycle of traditional, societal norms so engrained in me that made me think any deviation was abnormal, sick, or self-sabotage. I thought my only options were to give up my marriage or bury my new-found sexuality. She helped me realize there are other options. 

I have spent the last few months exploring my sexuality with integrity, being honest with my husband. To my surprise, my husband has met me on this new level, which opened up new possibilities and has deepened our intimacy and our passion. We’re exploring together now and I’m no longer ashamed to admit what I want and what I don’t. I have never felt more sexy, more in love, or more true to who I am. And my relationships now have integrity in that both my husband and my lover are aware and excited about exploring sex in different ways. The halo affect on the rest of my life is undeniable. 

My husband and I were about to split up. Without her I would have spiraled, thinking I was damaged and not worthy.

I don’t know if I categorize Maria as my advisor, friend, therapist, or white knight, but I do know that this a relationship that is getting me through one of the most challenging and personal points in my life. And for that I’ll value it for a long time to come.”