Dear Powerhouse,

You are so totally perfect.

Let's celebrate it.

In Awaken To Your Magic we love up every freckled-pimply-soft -muscular-inch of ourselves.  We learn to speak to ourselves in sweet ways even during PMS or the rollercoaster of menopause! 

Say yes to:

  • Sharing the most authentic you and get major soul cheerleading in return
  • Incredible recognition where you get all that you bring to the table
  • Owning your leadership superpower empath skills
  • A soul gym where you get to access to transformative educational tools at your fingertips, without having to leave the house or put on a bra, customized just for you
  • Never-ending girls' night-in where we laugh a lot and cry too
  • Customized coaching so you can remember how damn courageous and sexy you truly are
  •  8, 1:1 sessions, created to awaken your power and connect you to your Truth 
  • The chance to say, "YES," or "NO" or "I want," and learn to get what you need and say what you mean

This mentorship is for celebration BIG TIME, where every inch of you is drenched with ooey-gooey-juicy-love.

It is especially for the world changer who wants to leave a legacy of power and love.


I am here for you now and always.  Like a sexy well oiled machine of a Lifeguard, like a BFF from high school that you can Facetime with when you're wearing pimple cream. 

ALL YOU NEED is a willingness to feel really delicious. 


Total heart-filled advice & love from me (when you need it the most!)

For exceptional leaders the chance to strengthen your leadership skills so you unabashedly step into the movement you are leading.

Become a VIP for women who complete one mentorship and want to continue creating and growing something fierce.

Get Featured on Maria's pages and get worshipped for all the joy you are bringing to the world. 


Soul Sessions: Get one on one attention. Get seen and loved up for everything you are.

Heart to Heart Confessions: Maria shares from her heart and gives you access to her personal tools for healing so you get that you are not alone and totally aware of the amazing that you are. We walk the journey to YOU, together.

24/7 connection and space to shout out your truth: Awesome tools to help you communicate your truth any hour of the day. Your beauty gets called out helping you see your truest self. 


Get total belief in who you are and what you are bringing to the world.

Get clarity in the legacy you're creating.

Know your truth and not question it.

Dream about what you want and have the time and space to figure out what that is.

Get turned on by simply being alive and hold the key to your joy at all times.

Look at your body in the mirror and love what you see.

Attract true love and less of the drama. 

Speak up and feel the ecstasy of living your truth.

Breathe peacefully and watch as your anxiety and depression decrease.

Radically heal old wounds of sexual trauma where they become your superpower.

Beauty, world saver, you are SO CLOSE to joining the mentorship crew. The feminine power party is about to begin!

Ow, ow!

Sound amazing?


This program is by invitation only. If your application is accepted & we hit it off on a call, you will be offered a spot in the program.

Heck yes, I'm ready to begin Awaken To Your Magic Mentorship

 $5,000 USD or 3 payments of $1,690.00

What you get

  • 90 days of coaching, resources, and unlimited support  

  • 12 in-depth sessions of pure magic all virtual

  • Unlimited coaching via email during office hours

  • Accountability and the option to change your mind (you run the show babe)

  • Opportunity to grow personally so all of your life reflects your power

  • Sessions customized to your needs that may include: yoga, meditation, breath, shakti sensual movement. All classes are gentle and allow you to move at your own pace.

  • Regular check-ins to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated in moving forward.

  • The chance to get that you are 100% capable and responsible to creating the life you LOVE.

  • Regular requests for your input and tools to connect with and process your emotions so they are FUEL for your work in the world.

  • My full commitment, time, heart, and energy so you feel safe to show up as fully you and you get how incredible you truly are.

  • My successful trauma healing tools that I have practiced personally and taught to women all over the world, creating deeper freedom from addiction, depression, and anxiety and increased joy, confidence, clarity, and expression.

  • The support to identify your innate genius and learn how to cultivate it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to take a breather? Can I still rock the mentorship?

Definitely. That is part of the experience: turning off technology and being held by the beauty that surrounds us. You are free to do you, knowing that you always have a sassy safe place to check into. We can customize the program based upon your unique goals and lifestyle, so speak up buttercup.

Are sessions like therapy?

My degree is a Master in Social Work and my clinical experience is in psychotherapy. In this work I combine Western and Eastern tools for healing. I also utilize mysticism with real life no bs humor, that teaches you that the Divine is alive in you 24/7.  So no, this yumminess is not therapy. It's more of cosmic best friend-ery. Call me your BFF, your wellness coach, your mentor, your number one fan, all works. I recommend that you work with a therapist additionally if you're experiencing anything that gets in the way of your daily functioning.  

I'm really scared at the idea of doing this. I'm not sure I can do it. How do you know I can do it?

Babe, fear means you're facing something beautiful you've never seen before. The body can tell it's heading in the right direction, and that freaks us out.

Most women who have embarked upon this journey has been terrified initially and have come through the other side so thankful they trusted themselves.

You know you're ready when you just can't fathom playing small anymore.

The scariest part is looking at all the possibilities thinking, "Oh shit do I have to choose goals? What will I do?!" Once you jump in then you begin to trust yourself in a whole new way and just wait you will be swooning big time over that badass in the mirror.

You might not be used to the idea of you being an unstoppable genius, who can create the life of her dreams.

You might be used to quitting on yourself, just when you get started. That might be true of the past, but I know there are also times in which you have conquered your fear BIG TIME. You could probably name at least 3 things you've done that scared you, but you made it happen!

This time around when you pursue your heart, I'll be by your side every step of the way.  I'll be giving you support and inspiration that you've never had before and baby, you will be surprised about how powerful you can be with the right support. 

People on their death bed have one big regret. It is that they worked too much and didn't spend enough time with the people they loved. If you're getting that this can help you have a life of joy, connection, and love, why wait? You gotta do what is best for you and what your heart is calling for.  

Know there will never be the "perfect" time to love yourself through this work. If you wait for the "perfect" time, you might never do it.

You deserve to know your joy right now and not ten years from now. You deserve to have a life of freedom and not live a life of regret.

If you've got a strong feeling in your gut that I'm your woman, pursue this with all of your heart. Know that we make money and time for the things that we value and you deserve to value you, big time.

By the way, you can write this off for your business taxes. Oh yes. And this:

  • I have extensive studies, research, and internships in the arena of the impact of trauma on children & adults and the best practices to promote embodied healing.
  • I was a psychotherapist in community mental health and implemented a group called TREM (trauma informed recovery model) for at risk populations, including people with severe mental illness and significant trauma.
  • I created an original model for trauma healing, a group therapy program, that is still being implemented today.
  • I studied and continue to study Bessel Van Der Kolk's work, leading expert in trauma. 
  • I have spent over 100k on my education, certifications, and pursuing my own healing to make sure that I'm one of the best in the biz. 
  • I continue to spend significant amount of my income on my education making sure I bring in the most cutting edge tools for healing and power available.
  • I also continue to spend oodles of time & mola pursuing my personal healing journey because the healer's journey is never complete (and mind you, you should always work with someone who is transparent about how much work it takes to up keep the life of a high end coach.)

How do I know I'm ready to do this work?

You feel ready to take on the warrior unstoppable you. You have a feeling there is much more to you than you knew before and you want to get to know her. You're ready to speak and share and though it scares you to be seen, you know it's your time to be the one that soaks up the love.

Your program includes a lot. Will I have to do ALL of it?

Customized to fit your cute patootie, you can pick and choose what works for you. Completing 12 sessions is a must, but the rest is flexible and meant to be sprinkled lovingly over any area of your life that would like some hugs and kisses. Some have completed their sessions over Facebook messenger while traveling, others turned off their video during session for privacy. We will find a way to connect that works for you.

Will I have to look at my past or things that are kinda painful? If so, why?

In all of my experience serving women all over the world, the key to our freedom and our future lies in healing our past. This means that difficult feelings can arise which we treat with total love, tenderness, and kindness.  Feelings that might have not felt safe to explore or welcome, are now released and deeper sense of freedom is experienced. These feelings are what it feels like to heal and get stronger, instead of the pain of walking around on a broken leg. With feeling the harder stuff comes awesome joy and confidence. We get to feel both the joy and the sadness to get to know our power.

With that said, I will not ask you to talk about something you do not feel ready to talk about. We focus on your comfort in your body, more than anything else. Your body is boss.

Can you guarantee I will feel powerful through this mentorship?

All the women I have served have woken up to their power. There are NO guarantees. This work requires your dedication and the more you invest in your power, the more you get back. 

I do not do the work for you but share with you the resources and tools that have proven to work and empower you 100% to create the outcome of your DREAMS. 

The rest of the deets

Do you give refunds?

There are no refunds at this time.

What type of women do you serve?

The world changers. The leaders. The powerhouses of love. The ones who are so used to taking care of others and hunger to put their needs first. The ones who are probably know it all's (like me), but are willing to be vulnerable and speak up if they like something or don't like it. The ones who are ready to shine.

I have always felt weird compared to other women and have had some painful experiences with women in the past. How are you SURE that I will fit in with you?

Oh honey, I SO feel you.  All of the women who rise up in their power through this program have endured some kind of rejection and have also been on the rejecting end too. This work will help you re-write your story of friendship with women learning how to relate to women in the most loving way. You will learn how to receive encouragement and use your powerful voice, letting yourself be seen and adored. This work is for the the ones who have a sparkle that is rare. Welcome home and meet your fellow weirdo-awesome-hilarious sister (me!)

How do you know that this will help me be the person I am meant to be? I'm not even sure who that is sometimes.

I have watched women transform in the matter of a couple of weeks through this work. Becoming more confident, joyful, outspoken, powerful. Trusting themselves in a way they have never done before. I have seen women's lives shift to reflect their passions. You don't have to know where you want to go just be willing to move in the direction of you.

I am gifted at creating transformative experiential work integrating years of research, education, and experience in healing and trauma.  

You will rock this program because you are invested.

Do your best to show up in mind, body, and soul, be curious, lean in and let yourself be held. That's all you need.

So jump in darling.

This will be one of the best things you do for yourself and that saucy broad in the mirror deserves nothing but the best.

Questions? Email  I or a member of my team will get back to you during our office hours.




Awaken To Your Magic  Mentorship

What My Clients Say


Through Awaken To Your Magic Mentorship, Mary left her corporate job to pursue more meaningful work. She went from feeling full of fear and self-sabotage to feeling powerful and being able to enjoy looking at herself in the mirror. 


In Awaken To Your Magic Mentorship, Kristen passionately pursued her coaching business, beginning to work with clients for the first time. She deepened her relationship to her husband, creating more juicy intimacy and understanding. She also developed a deep sense of self-compassion and confidence beyond what she ever thought possible.


Through Awaken To Your Magic Mentorship, Ariana wrote and published here first literary article and it went viral. She clarified her vision for her business, creating deeper sense of joy and accomplishment in her work. She also took more joyful risks and created a life that reflects her truth.

I thought I had my shit together. I read all the self help books. I’m a level 2 reiki practitioner, I have energy work done regularly. I’m constantly seeking healing from the outside.

Three years ago it all started to crumble. I couldn’t get myself together, emotionally, physically, spiritually... I was on a downward spiral.

One day I happened upon this powerhouse on an impromptu session and she blew me away. My heart tugged, and it said, “Knock, knock, do it.”

Of course my ego said, “No Mary that’s crazy, don’t let anyone in what will she think?”

I did it anyway I booked a Discovery Call. Let me tell you I was scared out of my mind. After the call I booked the mentorship.


Maria Palumbo I am honored to be working with you. My heart my soul my very being is coming back to life. I can’t wait to start my mentorship program.

I’m not sure what will transpire. I’m not sure what I will create. All I know is I took action. I was willing to make an investment on myself. I listened to my heart.

I’m always telling my kids, “Listen to your heart.” If it feels right then do it, if it doesn’t then don’t.
This felt right. The only thing that kept me from saying, “yes,” at first, was fear. I was petrified I still am. I’m utterly freaking out and guess what it feels so fucking good to feel this excited about ME again.
— Mary Rivera-Brotinsky
I have been serving others my entire life. It was never about me and my needs. I now have a job where I continue to serve others (I love it and all my kiddos). BUT, who is taking care of me? No one. I definitely wasn’t. Any self care I’ve done in the past wasn’t really about me. It was to please whoever I was with at the time. I would push myself with exercise, wear my hair in way that pleased them but not necessarily me, fad diets to lose those 5 pounds, and the list goes on.

When our mentorship began, self care was a challenge for me. I am not used to setting myself as a priority. My view has changed and with it brings the joy of taking care of me. I am telling my body I love you! You are precious! It has become almost reverent. I rubbed a coffee coconut oil scrub on my stretch mark belly today. For the very first time in almost 25 years I saw the beauty of those scars. Those scars represent the love of my heart. My son. And I am more beautiful for the privilege I was/am afforded to be his Mom.

I’m filling the cracks with gold and it is an amazing thing to experience.

Self-Love is the best love! And I’m happy dancing my way to more healing.

— Kelly Workman
What I accomplish with you Maria in one session takes 6 months to complete in therapy.
— Jennifer Sweeney